Treatments Consultations

Acute Call

Acute symptom consultation over the telephone, where we talk in-depth about your symptoms and the remedies prescribed individually for you to get a homeopathic home kit to initiate treatment for your present condition.

Weekdays: 16:00 - 17:30

300kr / 30 mins

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Zen Homeopathy

Zen homeopathy consultation needs to be booked by email. You will get a questionaire to fill out that has to be sent back by email at least 3 days before the consultation. At consultation, I will carefully hear about your mental, physical and emotional concerns. In order to choose the remedies targeted to your condition.

First consultation:
850kr / Up to 2 hrs
Following consultation:
650kr / Up to 1 hr
Parent/Child (12):
1600kr / Up to 4 hrs
Follow up Parent/Child:
1200kr / Up to 2 hrs

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Inner Child Healing

The inner child is an emotion in a nutshell that has been oppressed and unsolved as a child. If you repeat the same pattern of relationship ending or you are messing up when things are all going well. If it sounds familiar to you, I would recommend you Inner child healing consultation. The inner child's healing is completed by the release of repressed emotions and the release of values. After the inner child's healing is completed you can live your true self.

First consultation:
750kr / Up to 1 hr
Following consultation:
600kr / Up to 1 hr

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Homeopathy Home Kit

Remedy household kits help to support improvement reactions. If you are under treatment I recommend getting a homeopathic home kit. These kits contain remedies to help with acute symptoms, and can be essential to have it around if needed.
You could buy such a kit at Helios in the UK >>

Consultation Hours

Fridays 9:30 - 16:00
*Saturdays 9:30 - 16:00
*Sundays 9:30 - 16:00

*Only by previous appointment

Wilkensvej 26 D ST TH
2000 Frederiksberg
Mobile consultation

I offer consultation at your location in the Copenhagen Area for an extra cost of 250 kr.

Please note: Prescription cost is not including in the consultation fee.
Homeopaths can't sell remedies directly to their clients by law in Denmark.
We instead order the prescription from homeopathic pharmacies within the EU

Typical cost for Zen homeopathy consultation prescription is around 600 kr for 1 bottle of mother tincture and 3 bottles of LM alcohol potency. Plus delivery fee.

Typical cost for Inner child healing consultation prescription is around 450 kr for 1 bottle flower essence and a bottle of sugar pill remedy. Plus delivery fee.

Note that these costs can differ day by day depending on currencies exchange rate.

Video-call consultation

Available for those who reside outside of Copenhagen and overseas.
Prices for consultations are the same.

Cancellation fees apply

24 hours before: 300 kr

Full amount on the same day