Zen Homeopathy

Zen homeopathy is a holistic method treating the person as whole.

Fundamentally Zen homoeopathy uses a three dimensional homoeopathic prescription approach that recognizes each individual as a whole: A Trinity that encompasses body, mind and soul.

Zen homeopathy is based on the original Hahneman’s Homeopathy principles and methods. However it differs in that traditional homeopathy prescribes one remedy to one disease, not one remedy to one person, as is the improvement of this innovative approach.

This method was developed in Japan by homeopath Dr. Torako Yui seeking to fit homeopathy into our modern lifestyles. Since in comparison of Hahneman’s time and our modern era, our lifestyle has been changing significantly.

Thanks to technology, our lives have become more efficient, convenient and secure. In return, it might have caused more complicated disorders, diseases and a polluted environment.

So one of the main merits of Zen homoeopathy is it’s holistic approach, aiming to cover all homeopathy, iatrogenic diseases, life-style habits including a balanced, healthy diet and espiritual evolution.

More info: www.torakoyui.com

Consultation Hours

Fridays 9:30 - 16:00
*Saturdays 9:30 - 16:00
*Sundays 9:30 - 16:00

*Only by previous appointment

Wilkensvej 26 D ST TH
2000 Frederiksberg
Mobile consultation

I offer consultation at your location in the Copenhagen Area for an extra cost of 250 kr.

Please note: Prescription cost is not including in the consultation fee.
Homeopaths can't sell remedies directly to their clients by law in Denmark.
We instead order the prescription from homeopathic pharmacies within the EU

Typical cost for Zen homeopathy consultation prescription is around 600 kr for 1 bottle of mother tincture and 3 bottles of LM alcohol potency. Plus delivery fee.

Typical cost for Inner child healing consultation prescription is around 450 kr for 1 bottle flower essence and a bottle of sugar pill remedy. Plus delivery fee.

Note that these costs can differ day by day depending on currencies exchange rate.

Video-call consultation

Available for those who reside outside of Copenhagen and overseas.
Prices for consultations are the same.

Cancellation fees apply

24 hours before: 300 kr

Full amount on the same day