Homoeopathy is a holistic method treating the person as whole.

The Principle of Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy was established by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, where its origin can be traced to Hippocrates, in ancient Greece.

The word “homoeopathy" was introduced by Hahnemann by combining the ancient Greek words homoeo (meaning: alike) and pathos (meaning: suffering, disease). He defined as: "Homoeopathic is that which tends to produce a hómoion páthos, a similar suffering"

Homoeopathy uses self-healing power of every individual and it’s fundamental principle is: "the same law that causes a symptom becomes what removes the symptom".

Homoeopathy uses safe and effective medicine called “Remedies”, that uses all kind of substances, with a technically specific process called "potentization," which involves sequential dilution and succession.

Research by both French respected scientists Dr. Jacques Benveniste, an immunologist; and the recently deceased virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine for discovering the HIV virus in 2008), has demonstrated that substance information is preserved in aqueous alcohol solutions when the original substance is diluted in an aqueous alcohol solution and shaken.

Symptoms are expressed when they are needed, whether they are physical or emotional, with the belief that using the same type of remedies to cure the symptoms will lead to healing. Homoeopathy is holistic because it treats the person as a whole, rather than focusing on a diseased part or a labeled sickness.

Homoeopathic treatment

The reaction of homoeopathy treatment is all different each individually as we all have different sensibility and self healing systems.

However, it is evident that homoeopathic aggravations are a process of homoeopathic treatment. When a Homoeopathic remedy is taken, any one of the following response is expected:

  • A curative response: the symptoms get better.
  • A similar aggravation: the symptoms first worsen and then improve.
  • A dissimilar aggravation: new symptoms appear for a short time but the old ones stay the same.
  • Accessory symptoms: the symptoms improve but a new one appears for a short period.
  • Return of old symptoms: the existing symptoms improve but in the old symptoms from the past return for a short period.
  • A surrogate discharge or eruption appears for a short time.
  • Absolutely nothing happens.

Consultation Hours

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Please note: Prescription cost is not including in the consultation fee.
Homoeopaths can't sell remedies directly to their clients by law in Denmark.
We instead order the prescription from homoeopathic pharmacies within the EU

Typical cost for Homoeopathy prescription for a whole month is around 450 kr. Includes delivery fee.

Please note that these costs can differ day by day depending on currencies exchange rate.

For Inner child healing, there is no homoeopathy prescription, instead I would advise you the type of flower essence which is available in internet shops or it could be found from your local health shop.

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