Testimonials from my patients

As of 2021, health consultations via Zoom video calls have been requested from Japan. Although there is the distance and time difference, in my experience there is not much difference from face-to-face consultations. I even take urgent call consultations, and the experience have given very positive results. Please read some testimonials from my patients:

The hospital doctor initially recommended surgery to remove the tumor from my adrenal gland. However, after consultation with Keiko and the prescription, the diagnosis has now been changed to a diagnosis that can be monitored over time.

The daily physical problems caused by the hormonal imbalance in my adrenal glands have improved to the point where I hardly notice it at all.

I would also like to mention Keiko's warm personality and emotional support. Sometimes, I put messages from Keiko on my wall to support me emotionally. The comprehensive advice has not only improved my physical condition. I also feel a change and growth in my mentality."

K.M., woman in her 50s from Japan
Keiko San is an empathic healer, who not alone provides gentle energetic homoeopathic remedies that are very effective in healing complex physical and emotional conditions, but at the same time has patience and understanding for the human psyche and the traumas that lead to illness and weakness.

My son has suffered from several disabling allergies and irritable bowel syndrome for many years and is gradually being able to enjoy his youth, the improvement is remarkable.

Myself have found tremendous healing in several aspects such as rheumatic pains, inflammation and general improvement in my mind, body and spirit after severe complex trauma that led to my autoimmune skin condition vitiligo and disabling heat allergy, I have complete faith in Keiko's alchemy and wisdom as I continue my healing in her capable hands.”

Susan, woman in her 50s from UK
I have been consulting Keiko since the beginning of 2017, mostly due to a heavy hayfever I've had since my childhood (1977). Symptoms from hayfever are sneezing, blocked airways, running nose and heavy breathing.

I have been using conventional medicine (even steroids some times), for many years, but with heavy side effects, like drowsiness and still having the symptoms of hayfever.

I decided to visit Keiko to start up treatment with homoeopathy. Having a thorough questionnaire about my childhood, my symptoms of different allergies, etc., Keiko made her first set of different remedies to start up my treatment.

The first results were quite improving (on my symptoms), and after the second consultation a few adjustments were made. Now, during the past 2 years I have had only a few symptoms, and today (May 2020) I haven't had any symptoms of hay fever! Normally this time of the year can be an extremely hard season for me, but it seems like my body has completely forgotten about hay fever :-)

I was sceptical at first when starting using the remedies, but today I'm convinced that this worked out for me. I can only recommend Keiko!”

Christian, man in his 40s from Denmark
Keiko, we were very happy about your consultation. I will add with reference to my 8 year-old daughter Bianca experience that she was especially happy that she was welcomed in a very casual yet heartfelt way: she didn't have the feeling of "going to the doctor" at all - which in her perspective is key to having a good experience.

She was put at ease by having a stack of paper and color to draw (her favorite thing) while answering the questions.

As a mother supporting her during the consultation I could notice that Keiko puts a lot of energy also before the appointment to get to know the person coming, so that she knew for example that having everything prepared to draw would have helped Bianca feel at home.

The setting is also very relaxed as it is where Keiko herself lives so while sipping tea and having something to bite on the side one can also get to know her better by absorbing the environment she lives and works in. Keiko was also very scrupulous in her enquiry and the follow up. We are very happy about her support. Can only recommend :D"

Claire and her daughter Bianca (8) from Italy
Keiko is incredibly thorough, knowledgeable and insightful in both homoeopathy and life in general. She is good at listening and inquiring into problems and is good at focusing on the essentials. I have been cured of, among other things, hand eczema and difficulty sleeping
Julie, woman in her 40s from Denmark
I chose homoeopathic treatment to deal seriously with hay fever, which has been a problem for many years.

Previously, I had received antibody therapy and non-hertamine prescriptions for allergens from a specialist, but after seeing how my body reacted, I felt I needed to approach the problem in some different way.

However, I was very nervous at the first consultation as I felt as if I was stepping into an unknown world.

In the consultation with Keiko, I learned not only about the symptoms that were already apparent, but also about my overall state of mind, preferences, lifestyle patterns, and thinking tendencies.

In the consultation with Keiko, I learned not only about the symptoms that were already apparent, but also about my overall state of mind, preferences, lifestyle patterns, and thinking tendencies.

She examined me in detail and prescribed remedies for my overall state of mind, preferences, lifestyle patterns and thinking tendencies, as well as my overt symptoms.

I felt that the most important thing was that by examining me in areas that I would not normally be aware of in a normal hospital interview, through this I could learn a lot about myself.

The process of exploring the causes of illness together by getting in touch with the deepest parts of the body is very interesting, and it changes our relationship and awareness of ourselves in our daily lives.

My precious body has been sending me messages as symptoms all my life.I was able to reaffirm that I am the only one who can protect this irreplaceable being.

So far, I have not experienced any severe symptoms since I started taking the remedy. I will continue to actively use homoeopathy to prepare my body for next year's hay fever season.

Thank you for your kindness and for dealing with my symptoms.

Itsumi, woman in her 30s from Japan
Not knowing how to acknowledge that I was in a difficult situation, not wanting to admit it, not being able to admit it, not knowing how to seek help from others. I just don't know what to do anymore.

I remembered Keiko's presence when I was in this situation, and I was honestly able to think that I wanted help, so I took the session. The online style also made me feel very comfortable.

Her knowledge as a homeopath is one of a kind, but the kindness that comes from her own life is unique. I cried a lot, but I felt love for my life. I am very grateful to have met such a person.

Saki, woman in her 30s from Japan
Keiko’s consultation was very insightful. The main reason for this is because of her approach, where I returned to moments in my childhood acknowledging the experience and how it made me feel. This brought me a lot of clarity as to why I was being in a certain way.

I was also very happy with spending time with Keiko. It is always so easy to open up to her and look into my life together. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Keiko. Thanks again for your attention.

M.M., woman, 28 from South Africa
I am very happy with the results that I got after having been treated by keiko. Her holistic homoeopathic remedy helped me improve my skin pigmentation problem, elevated my energy level, and regulated my mood, giving me much more serenity and peace of mind. I highly recommend her treatments.”
Veronica, woman in her 40s from Canada
Keiko's work is always sincere and I am very grateful for her kindness at a deep level; and I am also grateful for the chance I had to meet her."
M.M., man in his 60s from Japan